Multiple Tracks

So here it is. Likely not the most original first blog post in the long list of first blog posts, but there we are. And here I am.

I’m Gareth Davies. This is my blog.


Train Bridges by Tripp @ Flickr – CC BY-NC-SA

My blog is called Multiple Tracks for a few reasons.

First. I like the name. But maybe I like the name because of what it means to me, which is the second reason…and maybe the third.

Second. This blog was originally conceived as being there for me for a number of reasons. Initially it was to host the details of an overland journey I took in 2013 that took me from Beijing to London via Mongolia and Russia among other places, mainly by train. Yes, by train and trains run on tracks. Actually they sometimes run on different gauges of tracks as was the case in travelling from China to Mongolia, for example.

Third. This blog will be concerned with me collecting my thoughts, posting up any ideas, work in progress, and anything else I fancy. The topics might be primarily my area of study and hopefully my profession in the next few years, e-learning development. I might also post about my several enduring interests, football, politics, cinema and TV. And music? More ‘tracks’. Perhaps. Regardless, I’m fairly sure that it will not focus on that single track. Though….I may be wrong.

Anyway, Multiple Tracks it is. Oh, and those are my feet in the banner (unless I’ve replaced them by the time…if you ever read this) stood on a frozen river in Irkutsk in Siberia.


Train Bridges by Tripp @ Flickr – CC BY-NC-SA


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